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COPAL® exchange G – Preformed Hip and Knee Spacer for Supporting PJI Treatment

COPAL exchange G – Preformed hip and knee spacer in various sizes on black background
  • preformed hip and knee PMMA spacer preloaded with antibiotic gentamicin

  • limited patient mobility during 2-stage revision surgeries with limited range of motion for patients

  • hip: hip spacer with an inner stainless steel reinforcing structure

  • knee: tibial and femoral components together create an articulating bearing surface

  • COPAL® exchange G hip and knee trials for intraoperative size determination of COPAL® exchange G hip and knee spacer

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Your Element of Success in Infection Management

In addition to being a clinically devastating complication, periprosthetic joint infections (PJI) in the U.S. number over 30,000 annually, with a yearly cost exceeding $1.62 billion.1 Which is why it is more important than ever to have an effective, efficient, go-to solution within reach.

For two-stage revision procedures, COPAL® exchange G spacer with gentamicin represents a preformed antibiotic-impregnated joint spacer designed for the first stage of a two-stage revision arthroplasty procedure to temporarily (max. 180 days) replace an implant due to an infection of the implant site.

COPAL® exchange G trials are accessory devices to the spacer to be used for a short (few minutes) intraoperative determination of the correct size of the COPAL® exchange G spacer.