Bone Cement

OSTEOPAL® V – A setting polymer for augmentation of vertebral bodies

Image of OSTEOPAL V bone cement package
  • used in spinal surgery

  • contains high content of radiopacifier zirconium dioxide as an X-ray contrast agent

  • high visibility in imaging techniques1

  • colored with chlorophyll-copper-complex (E141)

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OSTEOPAL® V is used for augmentation of vertebral bodies:

  • following painful vertebral body compression fractures in osteoporosis
  • at painful vertebral body tumors (metastasis or myeloma)
  • symptomatic vertebral hemangioma

In all named indications the percutaneous vertebroplasty is only a palliative treatment that stabilizes the vertebral body; a therapy of the systemic illness (osteoporosis, tumor) is not achieved by the percutaneous vertebroplasty.