Bone Cement

PALACOS® fast R+G – Fast-Setting High-Viscosity Bone Cement with Gentamicin

Image of PALACOS fast R+G bone cement package
  • high-viscosity bone cement

  • fast-setting

  • radiopaque

  • containing the antibiotic gentamicin

  • colored green (colorant E141)

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The Fastest Member of the PALACOS® Family

PALACOS® fast R+G is based on the well-known gold standard PALACOS® R+G,1,2,3 yet it offers the advantage of a shorter setting time which reduces waiting time and helps save resources.4


PALACOS® fast R+G is indicated for use as bone cement in arthroplasty procedures of the hip, knee and other joints to fix plastic and metal prosthetic parts to living bone when reconstruction is necessary. The cement is indicated for use in the second stage of a two stage revision for total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.