Bone Cement

PALACOS® MV+G – Medium-Viscosity Bone Cement with Gentamicin

Image of PALACOS MV+G bone cement package
  • medium-viscosity bone cement

  • radiopaque

  • containing the antibiotic gentamicin

  • colored green (colorant E141)

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Proven Quality with a Longer Working Time

Compared to the high-viscosity PALACOS® bone cements, PALACOS® MV+G hardens slightly slower1 and is also easier to mix as it has a lower initial viscosity.2 PALACOS® MV+G further contains the aminoglycoside antibiotic gentamicin to protect the cured bone cement and contiguous tissue against colonization by bacteria that are sensitive to gentamicin.


PALACOS® MV+G is indicated for use in the second stage of a two-stage revision for total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.