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Replay CME Webinar: "The Value of Cemented Hip Stem Fixation - Transatlantic Perspectives"

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In many places, the clinical situation differs greatly between the U.S. and Europe, and indeed between individual countries in Europe. Nevertheless, studies and registries worldwide seem to agree that cemented hip stem fixation offers numerous advantages for elderly patients in both elective and acute (femoral neck fractures) hip arthroplasty. Let's take a deeper look at the existing evidence and clinical situation.

We are thrilled to present a multi-hub education event that examines the value of cemented HIP stem fixation in detail from a transatlantic perspective. Our experts Thorsten Gehrke and Nils Hailer from Europe and Ran Schwarzkopf and Richard Illgen from the U.S. discuss how this data can be interpreted and what a patient-oriented protocol can look like.

Besides contributions from our live faculty, the program includes statements from renowned experts from different countries and regions to see what the clinical reality looks like and what needs to be done to manage the change of practice. Finally, the session will look at the role of education in this process and offer tips for a reproducible methodical cementing technique and to overcome concerns.

Focus of the event is the discussion among experts from both sides of the Atlantic, but the event will also include short lectures, instructional videos and much more.

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