PALACADEMY® eLearnings

Extend your knowledge of bone cement and mixing techniques through PALACADEMY® eLearning courses for operating theatre staff and surgeons.

Mastering Challenges in Cemented Arthroplasty: Implantation Syndrome

This eLearning contains video lectures by Prof. Nils Hailer (Uppsala, Sweden) summarizing available data and basic knowledge around the Implantation Syndrome (also known as Bone Cement Implantation Syndrome) and giving tips how to best mitigate the risk to successfully perform cemented arthroplasty:

  • Pathophysiology and epidemiology
  • OR Guidelines
  • Patients at risk
  • How to perform cemented arthroplasty in risk patients

Required time approx. 45 min

PMMA Bone Cement Basics

PMMA bone cements have been successfully used for more than 60 years in orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

This eLearning gives an overview of the quality aspects, differences and application techniques of bone cement:

  • Production and components of bone cement
  • Modern cementing techniques
  • Factors which determine the quality of bone cement in the operating theatre
  • Application fields and indications of bone cement in arthroplasty

Required time approx. 35 min

Bone Cement Mixing Technique

The life span of a cemented prosthesis depends on the cementing technique and influencing factors.

This eLearning course gives an overview of different mixing techniques and other influencing factors:

  • Cement types and selection of bone cement
  • Manual mixing and vacuum mixing
  • Different phases of cement processing
  • Effects of external factors on the bone cement

Required time approx. 35 min

PMMA Bone Cement as an Active Ingredient Carrier

Bone cement is not only used for the fixation of a prosthesis it also is a carrier for the targeted local administration of antibiotics and other active ingredients.

This eLearning course gives an overview on basics for the use of local antibiotics in primary and revision arthroplasty:

  • Prophylactic use of antibiotic-loaded bone cements
  • Advantages of local antibiotic administration
  • Release mechanisms
  • Special requirements for antibiotics in bone cement
  • Advantages of industrially manufactured antibiotic-loaded bone cements

Required time approx. 35 min

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