Bone Cement

COPAL® G+V – High-Viscosity Bone Cement with Gentamicin and Vancomycin

Image of COPAL G+V bone cement package
  • high-viscosity bone cement with antibiotic combination

  • contains 0.5 g gentamicin and 2 g vancomycin

  • radiopaque

  • coloured green (colorant E141)

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Antibiotic-Loaded Bone Cement for Septic Revision

COPAL® G+V is a high-viscosity bone cement for septic revision surgery. It contains a combination of the antibiotics gentamicin and vancomycin. COPAL® G+V is used especially in cases where an infection with vancomycin-sensitive MRSA/MRSE has been detected.


COPAL® G+V is indicated for filling, stabilising or permanently fixing revision joint endoprostheses in surgically cleaned bone cavities which were previously infected by pathogens sensitive to vancomycin and when solely gentamicin-containing cement is considered inadequate or undesirable during single-stage and two-stage replacement procedures.