Bone Cement

PALACOS® LV+G – Low-Viscosity Bone Cement with Gentamicin

Image of PALACOS LV+G bone cement package
  • low-viscosity bone cement 

  • radiopaque  

  • containing the antibiotic gentamicin

  • coloured green (colorant E141)

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Antibiotic-Loaded PALACOS® with Low Viscosity

Compared to the high- and medium-viscosity PALACOS® bone cements, PALACOS® LV+G hardens slower1 and is also easier to mix as it has a lower initial viscosity.2

PALACOS® LV+G further contains the antibiotic gentamicin which protects the cured bone cement and surrounding tissue against the colonisation of a broad spectrum of bacteria.3


The use of PALACOS® LV+G with gentamicin is indicated for

  • stable anchoring of total or partial joint endoprostheses in bone or filling and stabilising bone defects within the scope of internal fixation treatment or for endoprostheses revision surgery
  • primary and secondary plastic reconstruction of bone defects.