Bone Cement

PALACOS® R – High-Viscosity Bone Cement without Antibiotics

Image of PALACOS R bone cement package
  • high-viscosity bone cement 

  • radiopaque  

  • without antibiotics

  • coloured green (colorant E141)

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Proven Bone Cement for over 60 Years

Already in 1959, PALACOS® R was introduced by Heraeus (Kulzer) as the first bone cement in Germany. This marked the beginning of the success story of PALACOS® bone cements, which have been used in over 34 million procedures worldwide to date1 and are the best studied.The proven formula with chlorophyll as the "surgical green" colourant (food colour E141) has remained the same and is the basis for the different variants of Heraeus Medical bone cements.


PALACOS® R is indicated for

  • stable attachment of total or partial joint endoprostheses in bone
  • filling and stabilising bone defects within the scope of internal fixation treatment or for endoprosthetic revision surgery
  • primary and secondary coverage of skull bone defects.