Bone Cement
Mixing & Lavage

PALACOS® R+G pro – All-in-One Fixation System™

PALACOS R+G pro closed mixing system, nozzles, pressurisers and vacuum hose
  • closed mixing and application system, ready for use

  • contains PALACOS® R+G (high-viscosity bone cement with gentamicin)

  • various accessories for bone cement application

  • available in two sizes: PALACOS® R+G pro net 55 and PALACOS® R+G pro net 75

  • for use with the PALAMIX® cement gun and PALAMIX® vacuum pump

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Simplicity and Safety

  • fixated on simplicity: the All-in-One Fixation System™ helps to improve workflow standardisation
  • designed for safety: vacuum mixing in a completely closed system minimises the risk of bone cement contamination, exposure to MMA fumes1, sharp injuries and spills

Handling Video

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Handling Video: PALACOS R+G pro

Available Nozzles and Pressurisers

PALACOS pro nozzles and pressurisers: femoral pressuriser, pro nozzle medium, pro nozzle standard, pro nozzle short and knee pressuriser
Femoral pressuriser and pro nozzle standard are included in the PALACOS R+G pro set. pro nozzle medium and pro nozzle short with the knee pressuriser are available separately.