Mixing & Lavage

PALAVAGE® – Reusable Pulse Lavage System for Bone Bed Cleaning

PALAVAGE – Reusable Pulse Lavage System For Bone Bed Cleaning
  • pulse lavage system with a reusable handpiece

  • nozzles for hip and knee available as a set

  • flow rate: 0.8 l/minute

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Effective Cleaning – Reduced Waste

  • optimal cleaning power: highest pulse rate (3,500 per minute) for thorough cleaning of the bone bed
  • clearly reduced waste: up to 80% less material consumption compared to single-use systems
  • diverse applications: different attachments with and without suction for hip and knee surgery
  • complete control: ergonomic handpiece allows easy and precise control of the flow rate


The PALAVAGE® Pulse Lavage System is intended to be used in the preparation of the intramedullary canal and/or bone surfaces in orthopaedic procedures, including primary and/or revision total joint arthroplasty. The pulsatile action of the pump helps to remove blood, tissue debris and foreign matter from the operative/wound site.
When connected to a suction source the device can be used to aspirate material/fluids from the operative/wound site.