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Press release

Heraeus Medical employees rebuilt and upgraded the garden of a daycare centre in Wehrheim


Wehrheim, June 14, 2024 - In the second project of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Heraeus Medical, employees of Heraeus Medical rebuilt and upgraded the garden of a daycare center in Wehrheim. Over the course of two days, a functional and experiential garden for the children was created. It was the second time that Heraeus Medical supported a charitable local project in the Wehrheim area.

The project: The garden of the daycare center “Am Bügel” in Wehrheim previously offered limited opportunities for active engagement. The existing rather bleak garden area was to be transformed into a functional and experiential garden where children could garden themselves, plant vegetables, take care of shrubs and flowerbeds, and ultimately harvest and consume the deserving yield.

The project was independently selected by a project team consisting of Heraeus Medical employees. Together with the support association of the daycare center, the management of the daycare center, and the garden and landscaping company Vongries in Wehrheim, the redesign of the garden was planned and implemented. In addition, Heraeus Medical supported the project with a monetary donation.

Over two days at the end of April, the volunteers from Heraeus Medical and employees from the daycare centre redesigned the garden under the expert guidance of the gardeners and landscapers. In addition to extensive gardening work, the construction of raised beds and the planting of fruit bushes and hedges, new paths and seating areas were created.

"Redesigning the garden had been a project we wanted to tackle for a long time. However, until now we have lacked the financial resources and the necessary helping hands to realise our ideas. We are pleased that the redesign has finally been completed," explains Mirjam Vongries, head of the Daycare Center Am Bügel in Wehrheim. "The children now prefer to spend time in the garden even more and have been very active themselves since then, planting strawberries and herbs and busily tending and watering the garden. Our team is also enjoying the garden. The new seating area makes it even more enjoyable to spend time with the children. Our big thanks go to Heraeus Medical and the many dedicated employees for their help and support with this project."

"The fact that we as a company actively support the region and give something back is a matter of course and close to our hearts. We are delighted that the children and employees of the daycare centre are enjoying the new garden so much," added Nicole Petermann, Managing Director of Heraeus Medical GmbH. "It was a pleasure to see how committed, motivated and how much fun the volunteers from Heraeus Medical, the gardening and landscaping professionals and team from the daycare centre put their heads together and worked hard. Everyone can be very proud of the result".

The CSR initiative was launched by Heraeus Medical in 2020. Following the redesign of the playground in the Franzesbader Street in Wehrheim, the redesign of the garden is the second charitable project that Heraeus Medical has supported.

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