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palaJet® − Heraeus Medical's New Pulse Lavage System


Heraeus Medical launches the new pulse lavage system palaJet®, a powerful battery-operated single-use system for efficient bone bed cleaning. "Especially in arthroplasty, cleaning is an essential step to achieve better long-term results. With palaJet®, we complement our product portfolio in the field of modern cementing technique," explains Angelina Reik, Global Portfolio Team Lead PALACOS® and Accessories, who coordinates the international product launch.

Bone bed cleaning with a pulse lavage system is an essential element of the modern cementing technique and contributes to the long-term success of a cemented endoprosthesis. During this step all cement-receiving bone surfaces are thoroughly cleaned to remove any fat residue, bone debris, marrow and blood. This allows bone cement to interlock better with the bone and reduces the risk of complications and revisions.

The palaJet® pulse lavage system is easy to use. The irrigation pressure can be adjusted as needed for a better cleaning result. At the same time, the suction allows excess tissue and fluids to be removed. For the special needs of certain endoprosthetic surgeries, several attachments are available, which can be simply attached to the palaJet® handpiece with a click mechanism.

palaJet® is initially available in Europe but will soon be available in the United States of America and other countries as well.