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Heraeus Medical Patient Service: Useful Information about Joint Replacements

Joints are moving connections between two bones. They enable us to move and absorb impacts and jumps at the same time. A joint consists of at least two bones that move alongside each other, a fluid-filled joint space and a joint capsule.

When joints become worn or are damaged, they cause pain and restrict mobility. This often takes the form of what is known as osteoarthritis. Advancing osteoarthritis also leads to increasingly restricted movement and more severe pain. In this case your doctor will often recommend a joint replacement as a treatment.

On the following pages we have prepared answers to your questions about joint replacement surgery. Artificial joints, known as endoprosthesis, can now remain in the body for decades thanks to modern surgical and anchoring techniques.

Please note that this is general information and cannot replace a medical consultation and examination. It is only intended to prompt any questions and supplement the discussions you have with your doctor. He or she can individually assess your symptoms and recommend the best treatment for you.

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