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COPAL® knee moulds – Moulds for the Preparation of Cement Spacers

COPAL Knee Moulds – Moulds For The Preparation Of Cement Spacers
  • single-use moulds for the preparation of bone cement knee spacers

  • consisting of one femoral component and one height-adjustable tibial component with optional shaft

  • suitable for the left and right knee

  • available in 3 sizes: S, M, L

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COPAL® knee moulds for Septic Two-Stage Revision

COPAL® knee moulds can be used to fabricate knee spacers for use in two-stage revision. The moulds can be used to prepare knee spacers with articulating bearing that can support patient mobilisation during the interim phase. The different sizes and included components of COPAL® knee moulds make it possible to prepare spacers individually adapted to the patient and his bone situation. The prepared spacers can be used for both knees (right, left). COPAL® knee moulds maintain a stable shape and enable a reproducible high-quality spacer design.


Handling Video

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Handling video: COPAL knee moulds to use with PALAMIX


COPAL® knee moulds are designed to prepare spacers by filling the moulds with bone cement. The spacers prepared with COPAL® knee moulds are indicated for temporary knee replacement as part of two-stage joint endoprosthesis revision in cases of infection and inflammatory reactions following explantation of an existing joint endoprosthesis. They are used in the first step following the explantation of the existing endoprosthesis and are removed prior to the implantation of a new endoprosthesis in a second step.