Bone Cement

OSTEOPAL® plus – Low-Viscosity Bone Cement for Spinal Surgery with Prolonged Working Times

Image of OSTEOPAL plus bone cement package
  • used in spinal surgery

  • prolonged working time

  • low-viscosity bone cement 

  • contains high content of radiopacifier zirconium dioxide as an X-ray contrast agent

  • high visibility in imaging techniques1

  • coloured with chlorophyll-copper-complex (E141)

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OSTEOPAL® plus is used for augmenting and stabilising of vertebral bodies

  • for compression fractures of the vertebral body
  • for vertebral body tumours (metastases and myelomas)
  • for symptomatic vertebral haemangiomas

In every case, the vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty only represent stabilising forms of treatment. This does not constitute therapy of the underlying disease (osteoporosis, tumour disease).