Mixing & Lavage

PALAMIX® – Cartridge Vacuum Mixing and Application System for Bone Cement

PALAMIX - cartridge of vacuum mixing system, vacuum hose, nozzles, pressurisers and funnel
  • vacuum mixing and application system

  • for mixing of bone cement with different viscosities under vacuum

  • allows collection of bone cement in the mixing cartridge under vacuum

  • provides various nozzles and pressurisers for bone cement application

  • available in two sizes: PALAMIX® uno and PALAMIX® duo

  • to be used with the PALAMIX® cement gun and PALAMIX® vacuum pump

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Flexibility in Mixing and Application of Bone Cement 

Advantages of PALAMIX® at a glance: 

  • vacuum mixing reduces porosity and strengthens the cement prosthesis interface1
  • convenient and intuitive handling 
  • time saving thanks to collection under vacuum 
  • various application options for flexibility in surgery 
  • safety for staff
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Handling Video: PALAMIX

Available Nozzles and Pressurisers

PALAMIX nozzles and pressurisers: Femoral pressuriser, PALAMIX nozzle standard, PALAMIX nozzle medium, PALAMIX nozzle slim, PALAMIX nozzle short, spatula clip, knee pressuriser
PALAMIX nozzle medium and PALAMIX nozzle slim are available separately. All other nozzles and pressurisers are included in the PALAMIX set.

Supporting Equipment

PALAMIX cement gun
PALAMIX cement gun