PALACOS® Bone Cements

Bone cements for implant fixation and infection prevention

PALACOS  – bone cement for implant fixation and infection prevention

Trust in PALACOS® Means Trust in Clinical Evidence

For more than 60 years PALACOS® has been successfully used in arthroplasty for effective and permanent fixation of implants in bone. Its proven clinical use has been demonstrated by more than 34 million procedures worldwide.1 Among all bone cements, PALACOS® is the leader in the number of published studies.2

The PALACOS® product portfolio at a glance:

  • different viscosities: high, medium and low
  • with and without the antibiotic gentamicin
  • available as a fast-setting bone cement
  • ready-to-mix as part of an All-in-One Fixation System™